Since ages secret societies had their own unique recruitment rituals. They had to make sure, only the smartest and bravest individuals could enter their societies.
Can you escape THEROOM in 66 minutes? Take the challenge and be our Master Escaper or …
66 minutes of fun and over 1700 sf, high-tech, laser, puzzles, tarot, clues, music … Absolutely unique real life escape game. Much better than virtual reality.
Reinforce your relationship in private adventure room escape game. Great as family quality and fun time with kids, night out with friends, date for couples, team building for co-workers. You can also start your birthday or bachelor party with us as well.

Recommended for 2 – 8 players.


$25 per player

Private groups only / 2-8 players

Cash or credit card payment at the spot.



  334 E 20th St, New York, New York 10003 ( left red door, look for a sign)