Our address is 334 E 20th St, NY, NY 10003 – look for a sign on the left red door. Please be on time, our roomaster open door for you exactly at time on your ticket. Game lasts 66 minutes but prepare to be here up 90 minutes.

THEROOM is tough. Success rate without any help is about 20%.

Don’t be shy to ask for help – you will get hints not solutions.

Talk about your strategy with your THEROOM mates.

Enjoy the game, don’t push yourself too much, don’t forget, you are here for fun.

First, explore the whole room, only then focus on details.

If you think about taking kids to THEROOM, just do it, they are often helpfull. But Please consider that it’s tough to keep focused for kids under 12 the whole game time.

THEROOM is not linear – if you got stuck, try another objects.

Almost everything you will find in the room has purpose. Experiment with the objects you will find.

Once you used any object in the room to open some lock, the object will not help you anymore.

And the same for codes – one code fits one lock only.

Don’t use FORCE. No muscles needed.